Stewart Chiropractic Center

The Stewart Center incorporates a patient-centered approach to healing with the ultimate goal of making each patient feel and look their best!

"By combining the best healing protocols with Chiropractic, Dr. Roger Stewart utilizes alternative, non-invasive natural treatments and mainstream medicine to achieve and maintain optimal health for each of his patients."

Dr. Roger Stewart has over over twenty five years of practicing, training, researching and experience which have made him one of today's most outstanding doctors.

Dr. Stewart's Pittsburgh Chiropractic Center is located in Pittsburgh's Troy Hill neighborhood and specializes in nutritional counseling, chiropractic care and natural healing.

As a chiropractic physician, clinical nutritionist, ergonomist, inventor and researcher, Dr. Roger Stewart has combined these extensive talents and experiences to offer patients complete and thorough healthcare. Stewart Chiropractic Center has been providing patients in Pittsburgh nutritional counseling, and chiropractic services for over 25 years combined with natural healing Stewart Chiropractic Center provides a full range of health services that focus on the patient.

Natural Healing

Healing with Natural Remedies

"In 2735 B.C. the Chinese emperor Shen Nugn wrote an authoritative treatise of herbs that are still used today."

The use of plants as medicine is older than recorded history. Herbology is inextricably intertwined with that of modern medicine.

Many familiar medications of today were developed from ancient healing traditions that treated health problems with specific plants.

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Nutritional Counseling

Healthy Living through Nutrition

"According to the Harvard School of Public Health there's good evidence that taking a daily multivitamin makes sense for most adults".

Dr. Stewart, a certified Nutritionist, learned early on that proper nutrition is vital to, not only your physical well being, but also to your mental and emotional health. Growing up on a dairy farm, helped him to foster a respect for preserving a healthy natural environment; it has a direct impact on your health. Stewart Chiropractic Center has been providing patients in Pittsburgh nutritional counseling services for over 25 years.

Chiropractic Care

Stewart Chiropractic Center

"We take a scientific approach and combine common sense to alleviating pain and restoring good health by treating the source of pain-not just the symptoms!"
-The Stewart Chiropractic Center

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